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Published Jan 18, 23
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The verdict on the best New York sandwich is as fiercely contested as the best New York slice. There is a seemingly endless supply of notable sandwich spots throughout the city, which fuels seemingly endless debate over which one should wear the carb-encrusted crown. Basically what we’re saying is when it comes to narrowing down the best sandwiches in NYC, it’s harder than trying to catch a taxi during rush hour.

Oh, and rest assured, Murray’s doesn’t skimp on the butter. The result is a pillowy, melty bite of pure happiness. From the butter that is pan-seared to a golden crisp across the bread, to the gooey cheese that invokes memories of childhood whimsy. If there was such a thing as a nostalgic sandwich, this would be it.

So let’s cut to the chase: you’re here to have what she’s having—aka the pastrami on rye. What makes it one of the best sandwiches in NYC? The meat is pickled for three weeks in a brine solution and rubbed down in their secret spice blend, smoked for another three days, steamed behind the counter, and carved by seasoned professionals.

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Now more than ever, we're looking for delicious food we can eat on-the-go or outside in NYC. Put simply: This is the sandwich's golden hour. Luckily, the city doesn't disappoint when it comes to irrestible meals that happen to be contained within two slices of bread. (We'll save the argument over the exact definition of sandwiches for a later date, but no, we didn't include hot dogs.) From gut-busters in Queens to new classics in the East Village and inventive bites in Prospect Heights, these are our top ten favorite sandwiches in New York right now.

The pastrami on rye bread sandwich from Katz's Delicatessen. Erin Mc, Dowell/Insider The sandwich was so large that I thought it definitely could have been split between two people. However, looking around the restaurant, I saw that a majority of customers ordered their own sandwich and chose not to split with anyone.

I expected it to be pricier than a typical sandwich given Katz's famous reputation, but I never thought I would pay almost $25 for a sandwich — no matter how thick and delicious it was. The high price is likely due to the cost of making pastrami and is less related to the restaurant's fame, as I initially thought.

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According to CNBC, a recent report by the Bureau of Labor Statistics stated that the price of beef and veal increased 20. 1% between October 2020 and October 2021, which could also have led to the sandwich being more expensive than I anticipated. I received a very generous portion of pastrami on my sandwich.

Another New York City deli, Sarge's Delicatessen and Diner, prices their hot pastrami sandwich at $21. 95 — and the sandwiches look to be about the same size.Still, even with all of that information in mind, I wouldn't often treat myself to a sandwich that costs $20 or more. It may be a completely reasonable price for some people, but I would usually avoid spending so much on lunch.

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Hey, the challenge could be a lot worse, right? Ready, set, go! Photo courtesy of @sargesdeli on Instagram The Monster takes spot #1 simply due to size and price. Sarge’s deli, one of the most popular Jewish delis in Manhattan, sells the largest sandwich in the city. “The Monster” is $41.

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Photo courtesy of @sargesdeli on Instagram Sarge’s Deli, home of the Monster, offers a smaller dish for those with slightly smaller appetites (and maybe smaller wallets as well). The Tuna Melt is of course served on rye bread and melted to perfection with American cheese. Photo courtesy of @ginaway1 on Instagram The Pig’s Ass sandwich is more appetizing than its name.

What a mouthful (pun intended). Photo courtesy of @girlwithalist on Instagram Going to Parm without getting the Chicken Parm Sandwich would be the equivalent of going to Philadelphia as a tourist and not getting a cheesesteak. There are some things in life we just have to do for ourselves. Photo courtesy of @numpangsandwiches on Instagram Straight out of Cambodia, the Coconut Tiger Shrimp Sandwich is a street food legend.

Photo courtesy of @thisgirlcaneat on Instagram Whether or not this self-proclaimed award-winning sandwich is as highly regarded as many believe, this beauty is truly a masterpiece. With olive pesto, sweet pepper aioli, and burrata complementing the pan roasted chicken, you have to try it for yourself to see if it deserves the awards.

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Nom. Photo courtesy of @onehungryjew on Instagram I’m ending this list with a mouthwatering steak sandwich (plus arugula, romesco, and roasted scallions!) from Coco & Cru. You now have 50 sandwiches to try, so you better start soon! .